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February. 1973
Established as a subsidiary company of Taiyo Fishery Co., Ltd.
specialized in repair of vessels.Taiyo Fishery Co., Ltd. and its related companies financed partially.
The company was established in order to reduce the repair period of vessels as well as the
repair cost, also to secure to provide the crew an adequate rest while the ship is at anchor for a
short period.
The company started the maintenance operation of vessels owned by Taiyo Fishery Co., Ltd.

December. 1977
Sales Dept. was established at the head office and started the marketing as an agent for various
instruments manufacturers.

February. 1978
Shimonoseki Branch was established for the marketing of various machines in Kanmon District.

February. 1980
The operations at the head office was divided into three departmants.
Engineering, Sales and Manufacturing Departments, respectively.
Manufacturing Dept. succeeded in the development of the Reverse on the market.

July. 1982
Began to offer the technical training for the foreign trainees in vited by Overseas Fishery
Cooperation Foundation.

April 1984
Purchased and fully equipped the present Yokohama Main Plant at 6-2 Torihamacho,
Kanazawa-ku, Yokohama.

March 1986
Constructed a new factory of 2-story reinforced concrete building on the ground of Main Plant
to cope with the expansion of business.

September. 1993
Exceeded 500 in the sale of HISUI.

October. 1994
Registered with Japan International Cooperation Agency.

November. 1997
Manufactured the seafood (shrimps) grader and started marketing.

February. 2003
Celebrated 30-year anniversary.

April. 2004
Changed a Yokohama Factory into the Yokohama Branch.

July. 2007
Purchased a headquarters building and moved a head office to Tabata-Shinmachi, Kita-ku, Tokyo.

Feburuary. 2009
Consigned as a sales agent of The Hanshin Diesel Works, Ltd. in the territory of Tohoku, Japan.

October. 2009
Switched over from a nominated dealer to a marine-concerned agent by Niigata Power Systems Co., Ltd.

March. 2010
Consigned as a sales agent of Akasaka Diesel Ltd. in the territory of Hokkaido, Japan.

October. 2011
Established a PRE SEOUL office and started sales of engine spare parts for fishing vessels in Korea.